Aluminum Tanks And LNG Ship Steel Hulls To Be Joined By Using Du Pont Detacouple Explosion Bonded Welding Transition Joints

The first three liquid natural gas tankers to be 'built in this country using the spherical design will incorporate the Du Pont Company's "Detacouple^ explosion bonded welding transition joints to attach the aluminum cryogenic cargo tanks to the ship's steel structure.


Johnson-Duramax Bearings Offer Performance Advantages

—Literature Available Johnson-Duramax sleeve and flanged bearings feature specially formulated nitrile rubber securely bonded to a metallic or nonmetallic shell. Although industry standards generally call for naval brass shells, other type materials such as stainless steel,

'Tina' Is A Happy Blend Of Innovations And Proven Designs

Wilmington Launch Service, Wilmington, Del., has placed in service the new 65-foot shipdocking tug, Tina, which can create controlled thrust while pushing or hauling, fore and aft, even sidestepping, with only one man on deck. This capability is the result of several design innovations.

SNAME Pacific Northwest Section Holds Joint Meeting With ASNE

Members and guests of the Pacific Northwest Section of The Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers met on June 2 at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Officer's Club in a joint session with the Puget Sound Section of the American Society of Naval Engineers.

Free Literature Describes New Repair Compounds From Philadelphia Resins

Three new materials have been formulated by Philadelphia Resins, Montgomeryville, Pa., to resist abrasion, impact, cavitation and corrosion at elevated temperatures and in adverse environments. Developed especially for high-temperature, high-friction aerospace,

Se-Cliff Enhances With CoreKote 2000

Se-Cliff Coatings, LLC, a coatings and technology development company, touts CoreKote 2000, which helps maintain heat transfer so that equipment runs at ideal temperatures and maximum performance. The product, which is electrochemically applied to heat exchangers,

New Diagnostic Kit From Aeroquip Corp.

—Literature Available Aeroquip Corporation, Jackson, Mich., has introduced their new Quick Check® Diagnostic Kit. The kit contains Aeroquip FD90 Quick Disconnect couplings for permanent installation in system test ports for easy diagnosis of hydraulic

Metropolitan Offers New Vanstone Flanged Fittings

—Literature Available Metropolitan Master Machinists, the Manufacturing Division of Metropolitan Plumbing Supply Corporation, has introduced a new line of Vanstone flanged fittings. According to the manufacturer, the company has doubled its machine shop

Action Threaded Products Offers 20-Page Color Brochure On Non-Corrosive Fasteners

Action Threaded Products, Inc., is offering a free 20-page color brochure on their extensive line of non-corrosive fasteners, including: lock nuts, hex head cap screws, socket cap screws, wood screws, lag screws, studs, etc. The color publication,

Literature Available On Bomar Deck Hatches

A new brochure describing the c o m p a n y ' s line of flush deck hatches is available from Bomar, Inc. These hatches feature a heavy cast aluminum top with reinforcing ribs and a y^-inch-thick base ring. Deck openings of 20-inch diameter and 15 by 24-inch are available,